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Our Commitment to Child Protection

Ashford and St Peter’s Hospitals Trust Board are fully committed to providing the highest standards of child protection and have undertaken a review in light of the Care Quality Commission (CQC) review.

The Trust Board is confident that the organisation meets the recommendations stated within the review and makes the following declaration as requested by the Department of Health.

  • The organisation meets the statutory requirements in relation to the Criminal Records Bureau checks
  • Child protection policies and systems are up-to-date and robust, including a process for following up children who miss outpatient appointments and a system for flagging children for whom there are safeguarding concerns
  • All eligible staff have undertaken and are up to date with safeguarding training at level 2
  • Designated and/or named professionals are clear about their role and have sufficient time and support to undertake it
  • There is a Board level Executive Director for safeguarding. The Board reviews safeguarding across the organisation at least once a year and has robust audit programmes to assure it that safeguarding systems and processes are working.

Further information can be found on the Surrey County Council webpages and their pages on protecting children from harm.

The Surrey Safeguarding Children's Board website is at:


Promoting the wellbeing of everyone we serve

Everyone has a right to:

  • Live free from violence, fear and abuse
  • Be protected from harm and exploitation
  • Be independent - which may involve some risk
  • Say 'No' to anything they don't fully understand


Ashford and St. Peter's Hospitals NHS Trust ensures there are systems and processes in place to promote the safeguarding and wellbeing of the people we serve. The Trust monitors and develops practice in light of local and national guidelines and works in partnership with patients, their families, carers and other agencies to ensure that it provides a safe environment for all patients.

Ashford and St. Peter's Hospitals NHS Trust recognises and respects patients and carers as individuals and does not discriminate in relation to age, gender, physical disability, mental or sensory impairment, race, culture, class, economic factors, sexual orientation, marital status, politics, religion or any other specific factor.

Further information can be found on the Surrey County Council website and their pages on protecting adults from harm.

For healthcare professionals, you can find out more about the Surrey Safeguarding Adults multi-agency procedures, information and guidance by clicking here.