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Welcome to the Research and Development Department

Research is a key aspect of the work of the NHS. It is through clinical research that we provide evidence upon which we base our care and treatments; and improve our treatments and find new ones. The NHS constitution states that it is every patient's right to be able to participate in a research study, should they wish to, and should they meet the requirements of the study.

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If you would like to contact us, or any member of our team with any queries, concerns or comments, please give our R&D office a ring on 01932 723534.



Research and Knowledge Hub

The hub is a database for knowledge sharing within the Trust, including published work and research activity. Please click here for further information on all our research studies.


The picture above shows L to R: Dr Isaac John, the Trust’s Deputy Director of Research, Dr Martha Wrigley, Professor Ota, Suzanne Rankin, Dr Ann Gallagher, Heather Caudle, Associate Director of Quality and Richard Lee, TearLab’s Business Development Director.


The Importance of Research to the NHS

The Department of Health recognise the importance of research in the NHS. The NHS National Institute for Health Research (NIHR), supports and promotes research, and its infrastructure across the United Kingdom.

The NIHR is an umbrella organisation, which represents the research arm of the NHS. The aim of the NIHR is to improve the health and wealth of the nation through research, by conducting leading-edge research focusing on the needs of patients and the public. The NIHR is made up of 15 Clinical Research Networks, we are part of the Kent, Surrey and Sussex Clinical Research Network.

Our Trust works closely with Kent, Surrey and Sussex Clinical Research Network, with our local Universities, Royal Holloway University of London and University of Surrey, along with pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies, and a range of electron and innovation companies. We also work with charities such as Cancer Research UK, Support Dogs UK and British Heart Foundation. We have various international collaborations across Europe, America and Japan.


Research: Our Core Priniciples

R  –  research is a core NHS activity

E  –  evidence for our clinical practices

S  –  safety of our patients is paramount

E  –  engaging staff and patients with research

A  –  advocating evidence based care

R  –  rewarding for staff and patients

C  –  care of patients is central

H  –  holistic approach to health care


Our Four P's for Research

Patients First

The safety and well being of patients and participants who take part in research studies is a fundamental principle for all clinical research.

The wishes of patients, and their families, regarding their participation in a clinical trial is our first consideration. Until we receive consent from a patient to participate in a study, no action regarding the study can be taken. For those who kindly support our research we are deeply grateful.


Personal Responsibility

Everyone who is involved in clinical research has had training in 'Good Clinical Practice (GCP) for Research.' This training is a legal requirement. Every study has dedicated personnel working on it, these people have received training regarding the study; it's aims, design and study requirements, which are laid out in the study protocol. All work and procedures required for a study are done by those who are qualified to carry out these procedures.


Passion for Excellence

We only participate in research studies which we believe add value to our patient care, help to develop important new drugs and devices, and which is of high scientific quality. Over the years we have built up an excellent reputation with pharmaceutical and device companies, with academic institutes, and most importantly, with our patients, because we maintain high standards, integrity and care for our patients.


Pride in our Team

Our Trust has a dedicated research department which works together to deliver our research programme. We are a committed and friendly team. We work closely with consultants and Trust departments, including pharmacy, pathology, physiotherapy, out-patients and the wards. Research is done across all major disciplines in our Trust and the support of all our colleagues within the hospital is paramount.