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Services provided by the department

  • The AMU supports the management of GP medical activity sent to St Peter's Hospital.
  • The unit provides a triage and fast-track assessment for all Adult Medical referrals, according to specific pathways, thereby easing A&E pressures.
  • The aim is to provide a better experience for patients and help GPs access urgent medical assessment for appropriate patients, avoiding unnecessary admission by offering other treatment/pathway options, including clinical advice. (Currently only 49% of Adult GP referrals to our A&E result in an admission).
  • Our approach is based on best practice from other A&E departments which has been shown to be effective.


The Acute Medicine Unit is open:

  • For all (haemo-dynamically-stable) GP adult medical referrals.
  • 24/7 - Mon to Sun inclusive.

We are on level 3 of the Duchess of Kent Wing at St Peter's Hospital.

Telephone: 01932 722010


Our Clinical Team

The consulting team in the department are:

Dr Jacqueline INCE

Diabetes and endocrinology
Emergency medical conditions

Dr Esther NEMATI

Acute medicine (AMU)
General endocrinology


Diabetes and general endocrinology
Ambulatory acute care unit
Out of hours diabetes / endocrine enquiries

Dr Jonathan ROBIN

Divisional Director for Medicine
Acute and general medicine, polypharmacy
Medical problems in surgical patients
VTE, resistant hypertension, unexplained conditions


Clinical Lead for Acute Medicine (AMU)
Diabetes and general endocrinology
Acute medicine (AMU)


Patient Information

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Pneumonia: A Guide for Patients

Anybody can get pneumonia, including young fit adults. There are other factors that may make people more prone to it. These include:

  • Long-standing respiratory conditions
  • Smoking
  • Alcohol and/or drug abuse
  • Increasing age
  • Other medical conditions such as diabetes, cancer and stroke
  • AIDS ... read more


Acute Medicine