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Services provided by the department

We provide a full range of Nuclear Medicine procedures:

  • Bone (3 phase, WB and SPECT)
  • Bone infection (leukoscan)
  • Renal (adult and paediatric)
  • Thyroid
  • Parathyroid
  • Lung V/Q
  • Meckels
  • White Cell Studies (for infection)
  • Nuclear Cardiology (MPI and MUGA)
  • SehCAT (BSM)
  • Breast Imaging (Sentinal Node Mapping and Scintomammography)
  • Dopamine Transporter DAT Scan (Parkinson's)
  • Brain SPECT (Dementia)
  • I-123 MIBG and In-111 Octreotide (Neuroendocrine)
  • Lymphatic Node Drainage
  • Hepatobiliary Function (Hida)
  • Gallium (Infection)
  • GI Bleed
  • Melanoma (Sentinal Node Mapping) and Gastric Emptying
  • Bone Densitometry is also performed


Our Clinical Team

The consulting team in the department are:


GMC: 2242905

  • Paediatric nuclear medicine imaging
  • Bone densitometry (DXA)


GMC: 4192961

  • Clinical Lead in Nuclear Medicine and Consultant Radiologist.
  • Specialising in Hybrid Imaging (PET CT and SPECT CT), radionuclide therapy and Bone Density (DEXA).



The Nuclear Medicine department is location on the ground floor of the Physiotherapy / Clinical Block at Ashford Hospital.

At St. Peter's, the Nuclear Medicine team are located on Level 2 of the Department Block leading to the Runnymede Hospital.