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Bereavement Office

The Bereavement Office offers advice and practical help for bereaved relatives in the period immediately following the death of a loved one.

If you have lost a relative or friend whilst they were a patient at the Ashford and St Peter’s hospitals, many staff will have been involved in their care during their stay and so, on behalf of all of them, we wish to express our condolences, sympathy and concern for you at this time.


Getting Advice

Our Bereavement Officers are pleased to offer help and advice for relatives and carers of those who have died in our care. They will help you to make arrangements to:

  • Collect the medical certificate of cause of death
  • Explain the procedures for the registration of death
  • Explain the procedure for the return of the deceased’s property

In some cases the Trust will not be able to complete the medical certificate of cause of death and the case may be referred to the Coroner’s Officers. Our Bereavement Office will be able to advise you on how to proceed.


Which Funeral Directors?

You may wish to approach more than one Funeral Director to get an estimate of their costs before making your choice; your chosen funeral director should be able to guide you in every detail of making the funeral arrangements. Our Bereavement Officers can advise you of names of funeral directors in the local area if required, but are not able to make any personal recommendation.



You are strongly advised to ring the Bereavement Officer before you come to the hospital, so that the Bereavement Officer will be able to have everything ready for you, thus avoiding an unnecessary wait. Please telephone the appropriate number below.

  • At St Peter’s Hospital you will find the Bereavement Office to the left of the main Outpatients’ Entrance.

The Bereavement Officer will give you a copy of a booklet entitled Help for the Bereaved guide if you do not have one already.

You will also be advised of the date of the next Memorial Service held at the Hospital.

Please feel free to ask the Bereavement Officers for any advice that you may need. They may not always know the answer, but they will usually know how to find the information that you need.


Opening Times at St Peter’s Hospital

Monday to Friday: 9am to 4pm

Ashford Hospital opening times by arrangement.


Contact Details

St Peter’s Hospital Bereavement Office - 01932 722319