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The aim of these pages are to give you support and information on your discharge from hospital.

They should provide all the information you need to ensure you are prepared for your discharge home or to another place of residence.


You should receive this information in booklet form, as well as all the relevant leaflets mentioned in it, soon after your admission, so you can help and be involved in planning your discharge.


If you have any further questions or worries about your discharge, please do not hesitate to contact the Ward Discharge Team between 09.00 and 19.00 hours on:

  • 01932 723253 / 723058 for St. Peter's (Medical & Surgical)
  • 01784 884012 for Ashford (Rehabilitation)

The Hospital Carer Advisor here in St Peter’s is Sam Caine and you can find more details on the Action for Carers website.

The Trust and your Care Team wish you well for the future.


▶   A Message from the Chief Executive

I hope you and your relatives will find this information useful. We are very proud of our Trust and its staff and aim to provide a high quality healthcare service.

We shall do our best to make your stay as comfortable as possible and the staff will do all they can to assist you We welcome any comments or feedback you would like to share with us. Listening to our patients helps us to get things right.

Chief Executive

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Protecting Your Online Privacy

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