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A patient and member of the medical team


Our Vision

Our vision is to provide an outstanding experience and the best outcome for patients and the team.


By achieving our aims every patient will say:

I was treated with compassion
I was involved in a plan for my care which was understood and followed; and
I was treated in a safe way, without delay.
And every member of our team to feel able to give their best and feel valued for doing so.

Radiology team members


Our Strategic Objectives

To achieve this vision the Trust has set five strategic objectives which form the pillars of this strategy:

  1. Quality of care
    Grow and develop as a place of learning, underpinned by a culture and mind-set of continuous improvement that reduces harm and improves patient experience.
  2. People
    Being a great and safe place to be, where we continually listen, include, empower, and value everyone.
  3. Modern Healthcare
    Delivering the most effective and efficient treatment and care by standardising the delivery and outcome of clinical services.
  4. Digital
    Using digital technology and innovations to improve clinical pathways, safety and efficiency, and empower patients.
  5. Collaborate
    Working with our partners in health and care to ensure provision of a high quality, sustainable NHS to the communities we serve.


A young patient with lower arm in pink cast


Patients First

  • Care - Ensuring that basic needs are always met
  • Compassion - Putting yourself in others’ shoes – you could be the only word of kindness that person receives all day
  • Communication - Introducing yourself, listening, explaining clearly what is happening and making sure that you have been understood
  • Humility - Apologising and being open when things have gone wrong

Clinician with pregant mother and father


Personal Responsibility

  • Commitment - Performing your duties to the best of your ability and always being punctual and prepared
  • Self-awareness - Treating people as you would like to be treated, remembering that the little things often make the biggest difference
  • Open-mindedness - Continuously listening, learning and improving
  • Courage - Believing in yourself and your contribution, and having the confidence to speak up and speak the truth


Clinical staff member at ward desk


Passion for Excellence

  • Positivity - Striving to be the best you can
  • Insight - Having an in depth understanding of your day to day practices and the impact they have on others
  • Initiative - Taking a proactive approach, and prioritising
  • Innovation - Seeking out new ideas and finding ways to put them into practice

Member of NICU team by illuminated cot


Pride in our Team

  • Constructiveness - Treating one another with dignity, intelligence and respect
  • Selflessness - In your work, prioritising the needs of your patients, teams and organisation ahead of your own
  • Collaboration - Building positive relationships based on listening and sharing information, knowledge and skills, as well as workload, to further team and organisational goals
  • Integrity - Being honest and delivering what you promise or making others aware if you are unable to deliver


Protecting Your Online Privacy
Protecting Your Online Privacy

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