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What is the text message survey for?

We know we have some patients waiting for a longer time than we would like for their appointments. We also know that sometimes you may have been treated elsewhere or feel like you no longer need your appointment.

This survey will allow us to make sure we can update our waiting lists and ensure that only those patients who want their appointments are given a date.


What if I still want my appointment?

If you still want your appointment then you will remain on our waiting list and you will be offered an appointment at the appropriate time. Appointments are booked in urgency and time order.

Completing the survey will make sure that we have your correct contact details.


What if I'm getting worse?

There is an opportunity in the survey to let us know if you think you are getting worse and one of our clinical team will review and see if you need an earlier appointment.


What if I can't answer the survey on line?

Don't worry as if you can't answer on line you will be sent a letter with the survey on and an envelope to send it back to us and it will be treated in exactly the same way.


Protecting Your Online Privacy
Protecting Your Online Privacy

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