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Transport provides the following services:

  • General Transport including:
    • Collection / Delivery of Specimens / Pharmacy and Post
  • Lease Car Management
  • Courier / Taxi bookings



  • To provide a safe and reliable general transport service to the Trust and other NHS customers.
  • To provide Administration of Lease Car Scheme.
  • To ensure non-emergency transport services are run according to their specifications.


Travelling to the Trust

For more information about local roads and bus networks, please see our Getting Here section.


Travel and Car Park Policy

The Trust acknowledges the need for effective parking and traffic control to ensure the smooth flow of vehicles throughout its sites and the Trust further recognises its responsibility to provide effective access to its sites for patients, visitors and staff. This policy reflects the need for effective on-site parking and traffic management.

The policy will relate to clauses included in the Site-Wide Travel Plan and similar car parking policies approved by our partners on the St. Peter’s Healthcare Campus (SPHC) and follows clauses contained within the S106 agreement (a binding legal agreement associated with planning permission) approved by Surrey County Council and Ashford & St Peter's Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, the policy reflects obligations upon the Trust including the commitment to reduce by 10% the volume of single occupancy car users to the campus between 2010 and 2015. Clauses written into this policy shall, in part, reflect the future campus direction regarding car travel and, as a consequence, car parking.

You can read the Travel and Car Parking policy.


Car Parking Management

The Trust operates a car parking management system on both hospital sites and its key objectives are to provide the following:

  • Quick and convenient parking for patients and visitors
  • Improved access for staff travelling to work
  • Separate parking facilities for resident and non-resident staff
  • Help and advice on car parking provided by car park attendants
  • Security for both people and vehicles
  • Clear access to the site especially for ambulance and other emergency vehicles
  • Prevention of unauthorised car parking
  • Monitoring of parking facilities


Transport Measures

The Trust will endeavour to undertake the following measures to meet the policy aims and objectives which have been detailed above:

  • To undertake campus travel surveys annually
  • To maintain and repair roads and pavements
  • To implement and develop the Site-Wide Travel Plan
  • To undertake travel awareness campaigns and promotions.
  • To introduce traffic calming and restraint measures especially in relation to site throughtraffic.
  • To promote sustainable travel measures such as increased use of walking, cycling, car share and increased use of public transport.


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Protecting Your Online Privacy

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